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Rapido Coffee Services

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There are many novel angles to the coffee trade, and although Capuccino Rapido of Cannock is a coffee supplier, its special niche is in what top man David Wiggins describes as ‘a short-term decent-quality coffee facility’. 

That means he supplies machines and a beverage service on hire for those who run trade shows, business exhibitions and the like.  For these people, he points out, offering visitors and important clients a really super and top-notch coffee is a hospitality touch which lifts them above the norm and gets them remembered – it is serving it which causes them the problem, and this is where Rapido steps in ‘to help them achieve greatness’! 

David Wiggins has been in delis and speciality coffee for almost thirty years – he was a very early example of the ‘roaster-retailer’, preparing a Mysore/Mocha/Costa Rica blend on the premises over a live gas flame. Pioneering stuff at the time, Wiggins recalls – then, he was asked to put on a ‘coffee shop’ for a corporate event. “Nobody does short-term hire at the level we do – it’s a very difficult thing for an organiser to put on, because the equipment, running water, and power is all a problem. But we show that with our careful management, that they can appear to be running a very tidy ship!” 

Rapido still supplies coffee houses with that original blend, although it has been slightly adapted with a Java,  and in this, David Wiggins was again a pioneer – he was one of the very first to put a date of roasting on his packs.  “I love long conversations with coffee-houses, because I like to learn about their businesses. I find that they dislike being dictated to by suppliers, so we maintain that our coffee service for them, against the big brands, is what Ben and Jerry’s ice-cream is to Haagen-Dazs – rather more fun!”

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